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Specializing in Canon and Epson Photoprinters

Launch Nov 1, 2017
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At this time we only ship to USA and itsTerritories and CANADA

We have discontinued direct international shipments outside North America at this time due to resource requirements to properly service this. I am very busy working on some new inksets and cannot provide the reources to properly serve this segment.

International customers are encouraged to explore international  forwarding services from the USA. Examples include MYUS, Skybox and others.

Aftermarket or 100% OEM options
In this space last mid December I was supposed to be closed for holidays. As it turns out, this was not to be. My family was beset with a medical emergency and I have been struggling to keep up with shipments as well as being a caregiver. As of Jan 22, 2019 I am still behind all correspondences it isn't that I have ignored you but I am trying to the best of my ability . Some will be displeased but I am trying the best I can at this point hopefully by February I will have caught back up. Thanks for your understanding but it has not been an easy time.