ImagePrograf Pro-1000
Signature Edition
Refilling: We developed a refilling system to refill the OEM cartridge to allow the easiest and most convenient method possible for the general user. When using this method with the predispensed 82ml bottle and HP squeeze cap, the OEM cartridge MUST be empty. Do not attempt to fill a partially empty cartridge. It will be a mess because you might be trying to put in more ink than the cart can hold. Wait for the printer to signal an empty condition first.

Second tip when refilling the cartridge. Make sure you presqueeze the bottle first as much as you can without shooting ink out the nozzle. Then release a little. This maintains a vacuum state within the bottle and cart system.  Then you squeeze a little. If you do not presqueeze enough and release a little, then when you have connected the bottle and cart and squeeze too much, you will be pressuring the system. This can force ink out. By presqueezing the system when the two are connected will maintain a vacuum and not allow ink to come out.

Keep the nozzle tip mated to the cart together at all times. If they become disconnected and air is allowed to leak in, then separate the two and start over.

Refilling with plugs.
The easier way to refill is to use a removeable rubber which I call the LOW CLEARANCE plug or even the clear plugs for the CLI-8 or CLI-42 cartridges.  Do not use the colored tab plugs. This method however requires a scale and modifications. You will drill a very precise 5/32" hole high at the top of the cartridge. Then you will clean up the rough edges.  Now comes the important step. You will fill the cartridge with water and flush it out to ensure you remove ANY plastic chips that might have fallen in. The easiest method is to fill the tank and then invert it over the sink. Then press down on the tank valve. This will allow air into the cartridge and allow the water to drain out. Do this at least two times to make sure the plastic bits come out with the water. Thereafter you can refill the cart through this hole then seal the hole with the plug. The finished weight will vary between 117 and 118 grams due to the density of the pigment ink. 117 grams is good enough.
I would only recommend this method to persons confident in their ability to make a good 5/32" hole. It is not hard but requires a bit more skill.

Border Requirements:
Finally Canon has relaxed their border requirements on Matte and Fine Art Papers.  This can be performed in the print driver dialogue tab under Page Setup and look for the Print Options Box.

October 2, 2018