High Quality Aftermarket Cartridges
Experienced refillers know that the best cartridges to use are Canon OEM cartridges. These provide the highest quality construction that aftermarket carts fail to match. With real Canon OEM cartridges you get the most reliable inkflow and avoid clogging and leaks that plague aftermarket cartridges.

Unfortunately with this generation of printers Canon has installed a more advanced chip that does not allow resetting. Additionally the totally black exterior of the Canon OEM cartridges are not refill friendly.

Given this situation, we sought to find the best aftermarket cartridges that could replace the Canon ones. We think we found it after testing several samples.

These cartridges have a clear sides that you can see through allowing the user to see what it happening. They are fitted with TRUE autoreset chips that will reset themselves to full when the printer has driven the chip down to empty, refilled and replaced.
These allow the optical sensor to work warning you of a low ink condition and that refilling will be required soon.

Unlike prior Auto Reset Chips, the fitted chips will retain the indicated ink levels even when the printer is turned off and power is cycled. There is NO NEED to keep the printer on at all times anymore. They work just like OEM chips except that they can reset themselves and do not require a resetter.

We have performance tested these for in our own printers for months on end and they have performed admirably.  We have no hesitation in using these in our own in-house printers.

New Empty High Quality Atermarket CartridgesConditionQuantity
Set of 5 Compatibles with ARC PGI250BK, CLI-251C,M,Y,BK
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