Build Your Requirements

1.  Choose which inks you require for your machine. Note that inks are available as 2oz SQ, 4oz, 8 oz and 16 oz bottles. The 2 oz SQ bottles does not have a squeeze cap and these must be purchased separately.    2 ozs depending on the printer cartridge could provide as many as 8 refills.

2. We carry a limited set of Refillable Cartridges. You are free to purchase these or from someone else. We have no qualms about this.

3. Acquire a method to refill your cartridges.  Remember that most Epson cartridges need to be primed. This is essential. Some smaller cartridges do not require priming. We like the Squezy cap system, but you are free to use syringes which has been the traditional method.

Now have fun creating metal prints, mugs T shirts etc with one of the best sublimating inks available.

Choose Your Sublimation Ink BottlesBottle SizeQuantity
Cyan PSI-C
Magenta PSI-M
Yellow PSI-Y
Black PSI-Y
NOTE Ink Choices to Complete above 4 colors for 6 color machinesThe following inks are used in 6 color photo printers
Light Cyan PSI-LC
Light Magenta PSI-LM
NOTE Ink Choices to Complete above colors for 8 color machinesThe following inks are used in 8 color photo printers
Light Black PSI-LK
Light Light Black PSI-LLK
Squezy Parts
Small Squezy Caps for 2 oz SQ Bottles
Larger Squezy Caps for 4 oz and larger

Dye Sublimation Ink